Make it.
Stitch it.
Love it.

Make it. Stitch it. Love it. Better.


Make it better.

Our journey towards ethical sourcing

What generates change? What's the one thing that ignites it? For us, it was a documentary on animal welfare that was picked up by our creative staff. The realisation that one can always do better, that there is always space to improve, did the rest. That was 2012: since then, we have been working to develop policies and technical solutions aimed at reducing our environmental impact.


Fur and down free.


In 2015 we stopped using animal fur for some of our products, and in three years we have eliminated it entirely by using eco-fur made of synthetic Kanecaron® fibres, obtained with a process that doesn't involve additives or chemicals.

We have also stopped using down and developed a groundbreaking material, THERMO-FIBRE™, an innovative insulating filling composed of lightweight, air-trapping microspheres that create a soft, quilted texture that grants superior thermal regulation, insulation, compression, and quick-drying capability.


We’re proudly 100%
down free.

Since Fall/Winter 2017, we are proudly 100% down free. SUPERLIGHT SKIDOO Winter parka is the epitome of our research on material: a warm, elegant, and extra-light jacket, with a sustainable core.


Stitch it better.


Ze-Knit is our cutting-edge line of digitally knitted urban wear. Its high-performance construction is tailored to the body’s shape thanks to a single thread that's employed to create each of the garments' sections. Most importantly, it reduces fabric waste, as well as the amount of water and chemicals involved in the process.

"My camera is an attempt at helping people fall in love with their world, with the idea that it could be easier to save something that you love."

Sebastian Copeland,
Photographer, Explorer, Activist, Earth-lover



Love it better.

Responsibility as a form of art

Sebastian Copeland is Napapijri's sustainability ambassador. Passion, courage, and commitment to action merge in his work as a photographer and documentarist, which he develops during his expeditions to the poles to bridge the conceptual disconnect between these delicate regions and those that are causing their early destruction. By calling upon our hearts with his incredible imagery, he inspires us to translate feelings into actions, and to ultimately live by the profound wish to make it better.    


Shared values.

VF corp and sustainability 

As a part of VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies, we are committed to social and environmental initiatives such as the Responsible Sourcing program, which focuses on the welfare of workers and factories where our products are made. We align with VF Corporation's goal to move our energy consumption to 100% renewable energy sources at owned and operated facilities by 2025.