Design Meets Thermoregulation

20-22° Series: a new style of comfort

20-22°C indicates the ideal temperature at which the human body is generally most comfortable. This is why we decided to call our most innovative range of winter parkas and jackets 20-22° Series. We have combined design, sustainability, and innovation to create a selection of jackets defined by clean, elegant lines, superior thermoregulation, and a sustainable soul thanks to our down‑free Thermo‑Fibre™ insulation.

What is thermoregulation?

Thermoregulation is the capacity of a garment to offer the same level of comfort at different temperatures. All the jackets in the 20-22° Series are engineered to easily adapt to temperature shifts from indoor to outdoor environments. This is possible thanks to Thermo-Fibre™, an innovative insulation that we created as an alternative to down. Its lightweight, air-trapping microspheres make it quick-drying and grant superior thermal regulation and compression.