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Transforming your outdoor experience

Named after the average temperature at which the human body feels at its best, the 20-22° Series is our innovative series of sustainable jackets that ensure superior thermoregulation and insulation. Thanks to Thermo-Fibre™️, a lightweight, quick-drying insulation developed by us and crafted to adapt to temperature shifts, you will always feel thermally comfortable, from indoor to outdoor environments.

This innovative filling is a conscious alternative to down, assuring exceptional temperature regulation while combining cold weather protection with ecological responsibility.

20-22° Zeroth Ski Jacket

We have merged our outerwear expertise with our authentic outdoor DNA to create the ultimate ski jacket. It combines thermoregulation with modular and multifunctional details to offer comfort, performance and versatility of use for an active lifestyle.

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20-22° Modular Jacket

Bringing the benefits of thermoregulation to the expressive nature of streetwear. The Modular jacket is the perfect trans-seasonal piece, from early autumn to late winter. A style bound to leave an impression.

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Thanks to its removable sleeves and hood, it transforms into four pieces. Its water-resistant materials, adjustable hem and hood, inner zip pockets and double-entrance pockets make it the perfect jacket for any weather conditions.


20-22° Thermo-Puffer

A must-have puffer jacket with cutting-edge details like seamless quilting to elevate comfort, performance and thermoregulation to a style statement. The perfect ally for any outdoor adventures.

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Our down-free insulation composed of lightweight air-trapping microspheres that ensure superior thermal regulation.


This garment is water-resistant


This item is down-free just like all our collections, since 2017


This garment has not been treated using PFCs


This item has been created using recycled materials